Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Crafters' Way 59 - Online Shopping

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Shopping online for craft supplies and quality handcrafted items can be fun and informative, it can also be time consuming. Here are a few sites that I visit regularly.

We are all familiar with eBay. Its worldwide, safe and you can bag yourself a real bargain. Craft shopping on eBay can be time consuming if you are not looking for a particular item. eBay has categories within categories, then pages of listings to peruse. Some may be very happy to have this much choice, personally, I find that my attention span wanes very quickly and I give up my search without purchasing.

Etsy is another online marketplace with the byline of ‘ your place to buy and sell handmade’. They have made it much easier to buy handmade goods, as you are not searching through manufactured items. Etsy does also allow non-handmade crafts supplies and vintage Goods 20 years plus to be listed but these are clearly tagged. The downside is that all prices are in US dollars so you need to check your conversion rates before committing. is an excellent currency conversion service.

DaWanda is an European based online marketplace. The prices here are all listed in Euros. Again, it’s easy to navigate, as you know everything is handmade.

Madeit is an Australian site. You can buy independently designed and made items here. All sellers must reside in Australia. No currency conversion needed here. In addition to the online marketplace they also have a directory of independent designers.

If you are interested in quality handcrafted items you will enjoy a drive to Ipswich on the 16th August. The Handcraft Expo is being held at the Ipswich showground from 8am – 2 pm. For more information ph: Liesa on 0422876154.

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