Friday, 20 June 2008

The Crafters' Way 54 - Online Craft Classes

I'm a little early posting this weeks article but I'm going to be very busy over the next couple of days. You can read the article online at

Online Craft Classes

Most Crafters have taken a class at some time in their lives, either to learn a new skill or to meet new people. Nobody can deny that classes are fun and informative, however the timetable doesn’t always fit in with our busy lives. For people with limited mobility or budgets online classes offer a convenient option.

To participate in online classes you need to have a few basic computer skills. In addition to having a high speed internet connection you need to be able to; browse the internet, log in using ID and Password, know how to download and save documents, and know how to open and save email attachments. If you are confident with these skills here a few online class options to get you started. their byline states that they have “everything for the Textile, Cloth Doll and Mixed Media Artist. Scroll down the left hand side banner to “ online classes”. You can browse through the available classes, click on any that interest you to see the price (prices are stated in US Dollars). If you are still interested you can click on the class title for further details. All classes are taught by well-respected artists like Alma Stoller. Sue teaches online classes for Joggles but you can also find additional classes here on her own site. In addition to the online classes Sue has posted quite a few FREE tutorials. Be warned, they will only serve to wet your appetite for more. they have over 70 classes for the Crafter, Artisan and Hobbyist. There are no set times for classes, you participate when you have time, at your time zone. they offer an extensive list of craft classes as well as a few orientated more toward running a craft business. While their pricing is also in US Dollars they are very reasonably priced. In addition to their online classes they do offer FREE tutorials. This can give you an opportunity to try before you buy.

Have fun.

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