Friday, 25 April 2008

And I thought it was safe to....

Here I was thinking that I was now over my cold and I could get back to what I do best. The week started innocently enough. We don't usually open the shop on Tuesdays but as it was a short week due to the ANZAC Day holiday we decided to go in. I was doing a class for the council late in the afternoon anyway so we figured it would be worthwhile.
I spent the morning doing the boring business stuff and packing items to be posted. Then I dyed some fabrics. I always leave this to soak in the soda ash overnight.

Came in the next morning and washed out all the pieces. Here it is drying on the line at the back of the shop.

Before I left Wednesday afternoon I dyed another batch and left that to soak overnight. came in yesterday and washed it out and hung it out to dry. As my dyeng was up to date I decided to spend the rest of the day working on my lino prints and foam stencils.

This is where I should have stopped. Had a cup of tea, read a magazine and bludged. But no! My type A personality told me to keep going and make use of every little minute. I was using my hot knife to cut out the foam stencils. It was working a treat, clean cuts in next to no time. I dropped the tool. As it was dropping I can clearly remember thinking HOT, SHARP; but I still grabbed it between by thumb and finger. Big mistake resulting in an emergency trip to the Doctors and 2 severly burned fingers.

Now I had big plans for my day off. I was going to start embellishing some denim jackets and get out the sewing machine. Never mind. I have some threads already wound onto bobbins so I guess I can always do some kumihimo.


meushi said...


Ouch! I hope you'll be ok.

It is funny how our body reacts faster than our mind sometimes. It happened to me in 2005 with an antique sword I was re-hilting... my brain shouted "move your hand", my hand just brushed against the edge of the blade as it was sliding off the sheath. It sliced the side of my hand through the abductor digiti quinti muscle and stopped at the small metacarpal bone.

The funny thing is that the cut was not painful, it just felt cold during the cut and warm afterwards. Luckily the blade was perfectly clean and the cut healed to leave a tiny scar. All in all, I was more scared of potential damage to the sword than to me.


Dianne said...

Your fabric colours are always so intense. I wish mine turned out so striking.