Thursday, 6 December 2007

Last day In Kyoto

The conference was finished but not over. So many wonderful people we had met. So many new ideas percolating away. It was an experience of a lifetime. Thank you to everyone for making it so wonderful.

Today was our day to be a bit touristy. In the late afternoon we headed down to Gion for some Geisha spotting.

Remember I mentioned that the 15th of November is the date when children are inducted into Middle Childhood. Nowdays the ceremonies happen on weekends either side of that date. The parents of these children allowed me to take their photos. These are after the ceremonies. There was one being conducted while were there however, I wasn't sure of the protocol so didn't take any photos of this.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Up near this lake we could hear somebody singing John Denver.

By the time we got closer, it was a duet. They were very good.

We even saw a traditional wedding party leaving the temple and walking to the restaurant.

On our walk back to the hotel we passed a shoe shop. It only stocked these.

Kyoto is a lovely city with much to see for everybody, even if textiles are not your thing. If you ever get an opportunity, grab it with both hands.

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