Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I'm Back !

We've had the best time at the Gold Coast Indy Carnival. Not only have we seen the V8's and, the Champ Cars race but we also got to enjoy the last races of the season for the Carrera Cup (Porsche) and the Aussie Legends. Right up until the last lap the championship was up for grabs.
I also got to play around with my new camera.

This is the only morning I saw the sunrise. My plan was to take a photo each morning. I literally opened the curtains from the bed for this shot. If I hadn't been so lazy the view from the verandah was absolute beachfront, but that would have meant actually getting out of bed.
The track is actually a street circuit that winds around the highrises of Surfers' Paradise. You can actually watch from your balcony.
There was lots of hype around Will Power and Team Australia, much more than last year. When Will got poll position last year it was exciting and while we would have loved to see him win I don't think we really saw it as a possibility. This year was different. He had driven really well all year and a win was on the cards. When he secured the fastest lap in qualifying the hype when into overdrive. Team Australia had green and yellow flags delivered to everyone and I mean everyone around the track.

This shot was taken before he crashed out. Its a pity that this is the way the day ended for Will Power.

The three V8 races were all action packed. Anybody who left before the last race finished missed an edge of the seat finish.

This year the airshow included the new Tiger Helicopter that is to replace the Blackhawks. I was quite impressed with their maneuverability.(I had to get the dictionary out for that one)

I got a few shots of the F111's but none of the dump & burn. The stands shake when they go over. By day 4 I was used to it.

I love my Motor Racing however I really don't get all the muscle cars, bikes doing burnouts etc that they use to entertain the crowds between races. I always go prepared with something to do. This year I took my Clover Suffolk Puff templates and Hand Dyed Fabric. I got lots of strange looks.

We've booked our accomodation for next year, can't wait for the tickets to become available.

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