Sunday, 7 October 2007

The Crafters' Way 31

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Holiday Fun

During the school holidays I was invited along to the Pathway Spring Vacation Group. The Children’s ages varied from barely 7 yrs through to 12 yrs old. Together we made Fabric Postcards.

This is how we made the Fabric Postcards:

Watercolour Paper; we used size 19 x13.5 cm. You can buy them in a book of 15 sheets from the bargain shops.
Acrylic Paint
Tissue Paper
PVA Glue
Fabric scraps
Gel pens

We spent a few moments chatting about what they had done on the holidays. This was time well spent as it gave some of the kids a starting point for their design.
The watercolour paper was painted with the acrylic paint. I did this step before the session because of the time factor.
Tissue paper was torn up into postage stamp size pieces and glued to watercolour paper. Some of the kids chose to completely cover the paper others just used a little. Don’t worry if the tissue paper crinkles, this is okay.
Fabric was then cut out and glued onto the postcard. Again some kids cut out specific shapes others chose geometric/abstract themes.
Buttons and hand drawing were also added. Take care that buttons sit flat. Don’t use buttons with shanks or thick buttons. Australia Post won’t accept the postcard if it’s too thick.

The image is some of the finished postcards from children across the ages. Thanks kids for a fun day.

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Anonymous said...

They're really cute. Kids can be so creative.