Monday, 13 August 2007

Oh No!

And I thought she was my friend. Just kidding really. Linda from Lilly Cottage has just tagged me. I'm supposed to tell you 4 things. Here goes.

4 Favourite Colours: Royal Blue, Any Green, Fire Engine Red and Black.

4 FavouriteFoods: Champagne, this is probably one of the reasons I like Linda so much; Brocoli; My Mum's salad sandwiches and Crumbed Brains.

4 Jobs I've had: Babysitting, Working in a fish and chip shop. One of my jobs was to clean out the machine that peeled the skin off the potatoes. Yuk! Working with people with a disability and Volunteer Coordinator.

4 Favourite TV shows: Top Gear, its on right now and I'm missing it. Any Motor Racing - V8's, Champ car, Formula 1 and my latest favourite Nascar. Go Marcus Ambrose!

4 Favourite Children's Names that I didn't use: Pass, never even considered names or Children.

4 websites I visit everyday: the kumi group on yahoo, my ebay store, Uncommon Threads and the blogs in my links list( well almost every day).

4 Movies I would watch over & over: Elvis movies, I love that breaking into song in the middle of a pineapple field sort of thing. Oklahama, any of the Indiana Jones movies and the Blues Brothers.

4 Places I love to be: at home, down at the beach overlooking Moreton Island, at the Coffee Club and any really good craft shop.

Now I'm supposed to tag 4 more people. I'm not sure how to do the links so I'll just list their blogs.
Sophie I love this Australian site, always full of the best photos

Claire I recently came across this site when researching a Crafter's Way article. Claire does the most amazing art with gourds .

Meushi Follow their Kumihimo braiding

Barbara Barbara has lots of blogs, her photos have inspired me to try ties.

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Sophie said...

Trish - A quick way to do links in blogger.
1. Highlight the word that you want to make a link
2. Click on the little globe with a chain link across it at the top of your screen (next to the Bold and Italic icons).
3. In the screen that comes up, type the URL where prompted and click OK. (instead of typing I Copy the address and paste it in).