Sunday, 12 August 2007

The Crafter's Way 23

I write a weekly craft column for a local paper, I reproduce it here for Bloggers.

One of the most interesting parts of writing this column is learning the history behind so many of our popular crafts. I visited with Tanya Skorupski and Stephanie Sando from Egg-Mania to learn more about egg decorating.

Knowing absolutely nothing about this art I mistakenly asked the girls “How do you make Faberge Eggs?” The girls quickly explained that they made and taught Faberge Style Eggs. Carl Faberge made his first egg in 1884. The Czar as an Easter present commissioned it for his wife. The egg apparently reminded the Czarina of her homeland so much that the Czar had an egg made by Faberge every year. It was decided that the present would be egg shaped and would contain a surprise inside. A little like those choc eggs you can buy for the kids. Carl Faberge’s designs were egg shaped only. He used porcelain and included metal to produce different colours.

Tanya and Stephanie use real eggs. Emu, Osterich, Goose, Duck, and Quail eggs are sourced from all over South East Qld. The girls clean out the insides of the eggs before the customers buy them. Stephanie stated that this was “the unfun part” of egg decorating. The girls related quite funny stories about blowing out before they could afford the more efficient method they use today. Nowadays the girls drill a small hole before inserting a compressor to blow out. Quicker and cleaner!

Stephanie and Tanya create designs, which are then sold in kit form. Each kit contains a precut egg, all accessories, step-by-step instructions and a colour photo of the design. Everything that you need to complete the project. This was an important factor in starting their own business. Prior to opening their doors nearly 10 years ago there was no shop in Brisbane that stocked everything you needed to create a decorated egg. Egg- Mania is a one stop shop.

The kits are designed for a complete novice. Stephanie believes that the hardest part of egg decorating is choosing which kit to try first. “ If you can paint by numbers you can make an egg. It’s that easy.” Says Stephanie. With over 140 different egg kits to choose from I can understand the customer’s dilemma. If a customer wishes they can attend a class. Classes are designed so that the participant can choose a kit, and complete the project in one class.

Genuine Faberge eggs may be considered an investment but if you decide to learn egg decorating I’m sure that you will be creating a future family heirloom. You will find
Egg-Mania at 97a Kate St, Woody Point. Ph: 3889 5644 or visit their website

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Hi Trish, I have tagged you for a bit of fun, to let us know a list of four things about you, you will have to visit to find out the whole list. So expect to get a few more visitors this week. Have fun Linda!