Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Wheels and Wheels

I've had such a busy weekend. There has been so much motor racing to watch. We've had Nascar, the Indy 500 and Formula One. I've been in heaven. The good thing about watching the races on tv is that I can also justify sitting and stitching etc at the same time.

I've been playing around with some more dorset wheels. Both of these have been made using my hand dyed Cotton, Linen, Viscose thread.

This first one is made using a 1 inch ring. Its a basic dorset wheel, I have just left some of the spokes uncovered to add a lighter, lacy effect.

The second wheel is a little more indepth but still using the basic principle of dorset wheel construction. For this wheel I have used 2 rings. The inner ring is a 1 inch ring.

The outer ring is a 2 inch ring. Both rings have been covered in the buttonhole stitching. I have then layed the spokes down over both rings to join them. The next photo shows the wheel as I begin winding thread around the 2 rings.

The wheels have now been covered completely, leaving the inner spokes free.

I then partly covered the inner spokes with the back stitches. Note that I didn't completely cover the inner spokes.

Small seed beads were stitched on in a random manner and a brooch fitting attached.

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