Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Cott-on to Kumihimo

I've been braiding for competitions again.

Every year the Abbey Musuem holds a very large Medieval Festival. This year they have decided to hold a Medieval Masterpieces Exhibition for the first time. Work must be based on traditional arts and crafts from the Middle Ages. Time period 600-1600AD. Kumihimo was practiced during this time period. I decided that for this competition I would try to keep it simple. I've actually completed the braiding, I just need to decide how I'm going to finish it off.

In the mean time I'm going to keep going with the braid for the other competition. This one is not so simple and is actually a braid structure I have not attempted before. I admit I've been struggling and many times have wondered why I so specific in the description on the entry form. If I hadn't been I probably would have been tempted to change it. I've reminded myself that I started to enter competitions to challenge and develop my skills.

The Hand Dyed Silk Threads

Threads wound onto the bobbins, waiting to be braided. Door Handles make good hangers.

There are 24 Bobbins to this braid. This is the marudai that I choose to use at home. Alan made it for me. It has really long legs. I can sit on our comfy lounge and braid in absolute comfort.

The braid below is the one I entered in the Cotton Fibre Festival . I called it Cott - on to Kumihimo. All threads used were 100% cotton.

You can adjust the length of the lariat by sliding the end through the loop.

I like this braid, the combination of the textured threads and the elegant beaded tassel appeals to me. I might keep this one!

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