Friday, 11 May 2007

Inspiration comes to those who wait... & wait!

Last October I went to a craft show where I did a class on making silk paper. This was messy but sooo much fun. I came home and couldn't wait to dye some of my own silk and make some more. I made lots of sheets over the Christmas holidays and then came to a screaming holt.

What to do with all this silk paper? Any books, blogs etc all focused on machine embellishing. As people who know can attest I would rather hand sew any day of the week. I decided that 1 sheet would make nice postcards. Again any instructions seemed to be for the machine. I cut the sheet into 2, stitched a postcard size outline, and pinned it up on my board and waited for inspiration.

Last weekend I went to another craft show and found a fabulously simple book on Fabric Postcards. My mind starting ticking over with ideas to embellish the 2 patient pieces. Last night I found a magazine at the newsagent, Cloth, Paper, Scissors. An American publication that comes out bi-monthly. My mind went into overdrive. Maybe fabric postcards? Perhaps dimensional mixed media books? Impossible to decide at the moment. The patient pieces must wait a little longer while I digest all these new possibilities.

Needless to say that with all this going on I was finding it a little difficult to focus on the task(s) at hand. I decided that this week would be a Preparation Week. Its a nice term to justify starting lots and not finishing anything. Actually- this was quite a novel experience for me. Usually I'm a "one thing at a time kind of girl". I set my goal with a completion date and just keep going until its finished. Then I set the next one.

I've got lots organised. Now I just need to find somewhere to put these bits and pieces.

I dyed the threads for the art exhibits.

I sewed the faux crazy patchwork bag up (on the machine). Now I can plan the braid for the drawstring.

I've also been hand piercing a small ball, similar in shape to the baby's ball by much smaller, to be part of a key ring. This one really is a make it up as I go project.

I have also sketched some ideas for inchies. These appeal to me. Small, Quick and Stunning. And I can hand sew them!

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