Thursday, 26 April 2007


When does an UFO become a WIP?

Last Sunday, a man and a woman came into the shop. They wandered around looking at the Rustic Timberwork, taking their time, chatting to each other. The next time I looked the lady had disappeared leaving the man alone in the shop. A little while later the lady returned with a plastic bag and said to the male "see I told you I kept this for a reason".

She took out a hand embroidered traced linen tablecloth. She told me that she had started it when her son was a baby. Last year at his 40th Birthday party the son asked if she had ever finished it. She had 1 flower and 1/2 a petal to finish but had run out of thread.She had been driving around with it her car for the last year. While the numbers had changed we did match the colour.

The tablecloth was definately a WIP!

My latest WIP is coming along nicely. I chose the fabric to begin joining. I even had the machine threaded up. I took one more look at the fabric and decided not to cut and join. There was enough colour variation in one piece that I decided to faux crazy patch instead. I'll post a photo as soon as its finished.

You can now shop directly from this blog. My shopping cart is still a WIP however all my designs will soon be avialable. in the meantime you can visit;

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