Friday, 13 April 2007

I Feel a Little Crazy!

Crazy! I have certainly been feeling a little bit this way.

From having my computer skills tested to the limit while trying to sort out codes etc for this blog and finishing a beaded tassel for a kumihimo braid its been one of those weeks.

I've decided that is I'm going to feel crazy I may as well act out - in the craft sense.

Its been ages since I've indulged in some crazy patchwork. The photo is part of a denim bag I made using my hand dyed threads. The motif isn't one of my designs. It featured in a Handmade Magazine a couple of years ago. I shrunk the original design before stitching. The denim pieces were collected from the end of season sell off at a second hand clothing shop. Fill a bag for $2. This meant that I got lots of different colours without having to buy minimum quantities. The bag is huge. I use it to cart my craft stuff from home to the shop.

I love crazy patchwork. Okay, I'm not keen on the patchwork part but I do love the hand embroidery. I'm now inspired to use some of my hand dyed fabric to make a smaller bag. Keep checking back for updates. I'll post a photo of the fabric when I finally decide which bits I'm going to use.

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