Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Crafter’s Way 239–Wrapping Paper

Here are 3 fun ways to decorate tissue paper/butchers paper to make your own unique wrapping papers. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Idea 1: Fold the tissue paper into triangles and/or rectangles. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Pour some dye or food colouring into a container with a neck wide enough for you to dip into. Hold one edge of the paper shape and dip the paper into the liquid. You don’t need to dip too far in, the colour will wick (travel) up the paper. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Continue dipping, changing colour every now and then, until the shape is completely coloured. Let the paper dry completely before unfolding. Idea 2: It doesn’t come any easier than this. Grab some acrylic paints and some sponge shapes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Dip the sponge into the paint and then remove most of it. The sponge doesn’t need to be overloaded. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Stamp away until you are happy with your design. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Idea 3: After doing the demonstration piece on Tissue Paper I would recommend using Butchers Paper for this project. Using left over crayon pieces and a vegetable peeler scrape the crayon onto the paper. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Cover the paper with baking paper and iron. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         If you are using tissue paper place baking paper underneath or the melted crayon will leak onto your ironing board cover (which is why I recommend butchers paper). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Be careful as the crayon can be deceptively hot and unmelted pieces can stick to your fingers and burn you. Just remember that for all of these projects colour mixing rules apply. The dye, paint and crayons will run together so consider your colour choices carefully to avoid a muddy brown mess.

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