Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Crafter’s Way 238- More Party Decorations


When I was first asked to create some party decorations for a friend’s upcoming event I really wanted to make these doily decorations. I whipped up some samples but our DIY challenged hostess wanted to go with the fluffy pompoms instead. Never mind they may be just what another party hostess is looking for.


You will need: paper doilies, dye or food colouring, non- stick surface for working on, glue and ribbon for hanging.

Step 1: Place the doilies into a dye bath. If you choose to use food colouring pop a few drops into water before dipping the doilies. You will need to be very gentle as paper is very fragile when wet. Let the doilies dry thoroughly.

doily hanging2

Step 2: If the doilies are a little crinkled you will need to give them a press with a cool iron. You need them flat.

Step 3: For each hanging you will need a minimum of 4 doilies. Stack the doilies on top of each other lining up the scallops.

doily hanging 3

Step 4: Fold the stack in half, again lining up the scallops. Fold the crease firmly. Separate into the single sheets again.

doily hanging 4

Step 5: Working on the non stick surface squeeze glue on to one half of the first doily. Spread out making sure you go all the way to the edge.

doily hanging 5

Step 6: Pick up the second doily. Align the scalloped edge and press to the glued half.

doily hanging 6

If you are making a heap of these hangings do step 5 & 6 with all of them before proceeding. It gives the glue time t dry and makes handling much easier.

Step 7: Glue half of the second doily then press the third doily in place. Continue until you have only ‘half’ surface left to glue.

Step 8: Cut a length of ribbon. Glue the surface. Fold the ribbon in half and press to the glue. Then quickly press the last surface to the glued surface. Let dry before hanging.

Variations can be achieved by using different sized doilies and by mixing the colours used in each hanging.

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