Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Crafter’s Way 227 - Masked Art

For those of you who also read along with my blog,, will know I have been doing quite a bit of textile surface design using a masking technique. Masking is not just limited to textiles; it can be used to create effective individual pieces of art.

masked finished 1

You will need: A pre- stretched canvas, acrylic paint in a couple of colours, tape, oil stick (available from art supply stores) and a toothbrush.


Step 1: Using the tape mask off your design. For the first picture I carefully measured the grid. The second canvas was deliberately more abstract. I used clear sticky tape. I prefer to use masking tape but as I had used it all up on my textiles I resorted to the sticky tape. It works fine it is a just a little harder to see for removal.

Step 2: Once you have the design grab your first colour of paint. If you are not confident choosing colours use 2 primary colours and mix a secondary colour. You can’t go wrong; the laws of colour theory dictate that they will work. I applied the colour in a pattern.

Step 3: Apply the 2nd & 3rd colours. Wait for the paint to dry thoroughly.


Step 4: Following the manufacturer’s instructions for the oil stick gently apply the oil stick to the tape. I didn’t apply evenly over every piece but you certainly can.


Step 5: Using a stiff toothbrush flick the oil stick off the tape and onto the acrylic painted surface. Take care you don’t get the oil stick on your fingers. You could end up with fingerprints the envy of any forensic scientist.

masked finished 2

Step 6: Carefully remove the tape. When everything is dry, turn the canvas over. Gently tap in the corner pieces as per the manufacturer’s instructions and your unique artwork is ready to hang.

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