Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Crafter’s Way 221 – Craft Book Review

These books all came from the new library at the Caboolture Hub. It is an impressive building which also houses an art gallery. Certainly worth a visit.
Naughty But Nice Cross Stitch by Claire Crompton (746.443CROM) Chock a block full of fun patterns this book will give you a chuckle. You won’t need to pop on your glasses to read the graphs, they are super easy to see. The author has relied on the fact the reader has a basic understanding of cross stitch. Instructions are included however she has let the humorous graphs do the talking. Stitch the patterns and make up into projects of your choosing.
Miniature Bobbin Lace by Roz Snowden (746.22204SNOW) If you wanted to learn Bobbin Lace making this book might just be the place to start. Instructions are the same as for full sized projects however you will have the satisfaction of saying “I made this” quicker with these miniature patterns. Before the Author wraps up the book she covers further techniques and stitches. This is sure to leave you wanting more.
Crochet by Judith L. Swartz (746.434SWAR) Including a comprehensive stitch directory and instructions this book’s projects have been complied with a hip audience in mind. Projects range from the quick and simple to more intricate and time consuming. The author guides the crafter through the projects with ease and doesn’t forget to include comprehensive finishing and assembling instructions. I am tempted to pick up my hook.
Hooked On Style by Catherine Blythe (746.434 BLYT) The instructions in this book are not as comprehensive as the book above however they are more than adequate for the projects included. It goes to show that you don’t need to master ‘everything’ crochet to make great items. The book is divided into style chapters; Ensembles, Accessories, Elegance etc. Each project with a chapter comes with its own rating ranging across Easy, Intermediate and Experienced. If you want to have a 70’s flashback have a peek at the crochet bikini pattern in Ensembles.
Funky Junk by Stewart & Sally Walton (747WALT) During the first flick through I thought the book was a little dated. A closer read revealed ideas that are not only do-able but are currently on trend. Repurposing discarded jumpers into cushions, using old sheet music to add new life are all popular today. Not bad for a book that was first published 13 years ago.

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