Monday, 6 February 2012

Sun & Salt = ???????

The sun was out when we arrived at the shop yesterday. I looked skyward, could see blue sky all around so I rushed inside to start a dye project.
DSCF8015 I soaked the fabric in a soda ash solution. While I was waiting I found my shakers of dye powder and salt. I’ve had these mixes for a while now and the lids have rusted so I was simply wanting to use them up beofre the lids disintegrated completely. You have to be patient with this method as it does take a little while for the colours to fully develop. If you have patient children this is a fun and not too messy dye project to do with them.
Once I’m happy with the colour spread I simply cover it over and let it dry out.
For a slightly different look I like to wrap the fabric in cling wrap and hang in the sun. The fabric will sweat a little and create water droplets which cause the salt/dye mix to run a little. Now that was the theory. Unfortunately the sun disappeared. If you look closely you can make out one measly water droplet.  It was closing time before I knew it so pics of finished piece will have to wait until later in the week.

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