Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nothing Basic About These

Seems I’ve been on a Kumihimo roll lately.
I’ve been braiding some Glasses Chains. Chains seems the wrong word somehow but it is all I’ve got right now. Feel free to chime in with suggestions.
I made this one for myself. This is the same braid structure as the first braid.
Some Flat Braids. These are a different structure to the basic flat.
I do like red and pink together.
Wish I knew how I got the gold colour. I randomly mixed together some left over dye before adding the thread. Isn’t it always the way.
Even my too cool for school twin brother has one of these glasses chains. He wanted Khaki, I’d have thought he would have had enough of that colour by now.These have all been made using TrishAlan Designs Eco Dyed Threads.  Need to stop braiding for the moment, need to focus on some other creations for a few weeks.

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