Monday, 9 January 2012

A New Queen

Remember the tablecloth my Mum’s neighbour gave me?


Mum had tried everything she knew to remove the stain. Now Mum has a bit of a reputation as a gun stain remover. I’m prepared to cut her a little slack here, she’s old and hasn’t been well but she’s lost her clean mojo. I put a call out on my blog, twitter, facebook etc. I even had a conversation  with a total stranger in the supermarket checkout line. The general consensus was to try salt, lemon juice and the sun.


This didn’t even result in the stain fading a little. Oh, and a little tip from me. If you try this do not scrape the salt on to your grass, it will kill it dead.  Yep, I’m in big trouble for that one. Next most popular suggestion was Nappysan, or other similar soaks.

The first soak didn’t budge it a bit. Then I remembered I had some Dylon Stain Remover.


As I didn’t know what exactly the stain was I made a guess and used the bottle for biological stains. First rinse out and it had faded significantly. Yippee! Wasn’t ready to claim Mum’s crown just yet though. The next time I repeated the stain remover instructions then popped the cloth in for an overnight soak in the Nappysan.


Stain be gone! I’m off to show Mum and her neighbour before a few running repairs. With some gentler care the cloth should last another 70 odd years.


Hot Fudge said...

Your Majesty

My stained tablecloths are in the mail to you as we speak. Enjoy.

kristina said...

will remember this one. thank you. :-)

Trish Goodfield said...

Kristina,I have since retrned to the tablecloth to my mother's neighbour. It seemed the right thing to do. She was thrilled to be able to use it again.