Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Crafter’s Way 212–Rings of Plastic

In the second part of the series, Re-using Plastic Bottles, we are going to use the plastic rings left once you break the seal. To make this necklace you will need the Plastic Rings, Decorative Thread, Kunin Felt, Needle and some Jump Rings.


Step 1: If your ring has little teeth on the inside edge snip them off with scissors.

Step 2: Use the Plastic Ring to trace two circles of felt.


Step 3: Thread the needle with decorative thread and using some of the embroidery stitches from last year’s columns stitch a design onto one of the felt circles. If you need to refresh your memory you can find the tutorials at

Step 4: Cut out both circles of felt. Layer them and stitch together using blanket stitch. Repeat Steps 2-4 until you have enough felt circles.

Step 5: Cut a long length of decorative thread. Thread the needle.

Step 6: Using the same technique you used to create a blanket stitch cover the ring. Create a loop to the front of the plastic ring. Bring the needle over the back of the ring and up through the loop. Gently pull the loop taut. Continue until all your plastic rings are covered.


Step 7: With the needle create a small hole in the felt circles. Open the jump ring and thread through the felt. Thread a plastic ring through the jump ring, close the jump ring. Continue this process until your necklace is the required length.


Options: Vary the sizes of the felt and plastic rings. Alternatively, join a couple of felt rings together before adding a plastic ring. The design choices are endless.


This necklace is fun to wear and is the cause of endless wonder when people realise what it is made from.

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