Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Crafter’s Way 211–Plastic Pendants

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to show you 3 ways to recycle, repurpose and re-use all those plastic water bottles we collect.


For this week’s project you will need; Plastic Water Bottles, Scissors, Acrylic Paint, Glitter, PVA Glue, Hole Punch, Jump Ring, Paint Brush, Emery Board, *Kunin Felt(optional).

Step 1: Cut open the bottles. I used the bottoms of the bottles in the illustration but you can just as easily use the sides. Cut out the bottom rounding off any sharp edges. The emery board is useful for this. Use the hole punch to create a hole for the jump ring.


Step 2: Decide which side is your right side. You will be working from the wrong side. Squeeze out a small amount of glue, add some glitter and mix well. Paint the glitter onto the wrong side. I used the pattern in the plastic as a guide. Wait for the glue to dry clear before proceeding.


Step 3: Squeeze out a small amount of paint. Paint it onto the plastic. Be careful that you don’t cover the entire piece of plastic. If you do you won’t be able to add another colour. Turn over the plastic to the right side to check how your design is developing. Continue adding different colours until you are happy with the design. Remember to wait for the paint to dry before adding another colour.


Step 4: You may choose to add felt to the back. Felt will cover the back of the plastic which may be messy while adding to the comfort of the wearer. Cut a piece of felt slightly larger than the plastic. Run a small bead of glue around the edge of the plastic before placing wrong side down onto felt. When the glue has dried trim felt to size.

Step 5: Add the jump ring before threading through cord.

*Kunin Felt is made from recycled plastic bottles

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