Monday, 5 December 2011

The Crafter’s Way 207–Fabric Pompoms

We’ve all made pompoms out of wool at some stage. These are made from fabric strips using the same process. The best fabric is one that doesn’t have an obvious wrong side.DSCF7919

You will need: Stiff cardboard, a heap of fabric, scissors and ribbon.need

Step 1: Cut 2 equal circles from the cardboard. If, like me, you have the attention span of a gnat don’t be tempted to make the inner circle too large. You will be filling in the inner circle and if it is too big it takes too long. Cut the fabric strips no wider than 2.5cm. If the fabric is thicker/heavier be sure to make them much thinner.

Step 2: Place both circles together. Hold the end of one strip of fabric and wind over it a couple of times to secure. Continue winding around the cardboard, adding strips as necessary, until the inner circle is completely filled in.s2

Step 3: Carefully insert the scissors into the outer edge of the fabric and snip through the fabric until you can see the cardboard. Take care that the scissors don’t slip.s3

Step 4: Cut a length of ribbon. Slide the ribbon between the 2 cardboard circles and tie securely. Remove the cardboard.DSCF7914

Step 5: Fluff up your pompom. If you wish you can spritz the pompom with some perfume.

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