Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Orchid for Mum

Mum carried an orchid in her wedding bouquet. I stitched it for her quite a few years ago now.


I even did the framing. Boy, Framers earn every penny.


Now I’m going to bore you with detail.


I left areas of the aida cloth unstitched, to add depth.


Mum was trying to decide who she should give it to. She offered it back to me but together we decided to give it to her neighbour, Linda. Linda is a wonderful friend to Mum and never hesitates to help my Sister and I out. She also grows orchids. Together we gave  it to Linda. Linda said “now I have a little of both you”. I believe we made a good choice.


Thomas Gamble said...

Interesting post, I am so glad that I have visited your site. Such a wonderful time reading this.

Trish Goodfield said...

Thank you, Thomas.

Pam said...

Such delicate stitches.