Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Crafter’s Way 206–Flower Christmas Decorations

I’m sure you all diligently collected toilet rolls to make the wreath from 2 weeks ago. If you have some left over this flower decoration will look great on your tree.

You will need: Toilet Rolls, Coffee Filter Bags, Paint, PVA Glue, Clothes Pegs, Ribbon, Black Permanent Marker.

Step 1: Cut the rolls into 1 cm circles, you will need 5 for each flower.DSCF7871

Step 2: Paint the inside and outside of the rolls. Paint both sides of the filter bags. When the rolls are dry pinch the end to form a petal shape.

Step 3: Pour some glue into a flat dish. Stand one edge of the roll in the glue. Remove and place glue edge down on the filter bag. Repeat with rest of petals.

DSCF7888 bl

Step 4: Once dry cut the petals out. Form into flower shape. Glue joining edges. Hold with pegs until dry.


Step 5: Outline the top edge of each petal with the Black pen. This gives a ‘stained glass’ look. Attach ribbon for hanging.


Options: I love bright, dare I say garish, colours on my Christmas Tree. Skip the painting and leave the rolls au natural; combine with pretty scrapbook or gift paper for an elegant or shabby effect.

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