Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Crafter’s Way 204–Christmas Wreath

From now until Christmas I’m going to be giving you tutorials to make your very own handmade Christmas. The first tutorial is a Christmas Wreath made from toilet paper rolls. It is super easy.
You will need: a heap of empty toilet rolls, PVA glue, clothes pegs, bucket (optional) and paint, scissors.
Step 1: Using the scissors cut your rolls into 1 cm wide circles. The circles can be wider but remember you will need more toilet rolls.
Step 2: Pinch both ends of the circles to form a ‘petal’. You need 5 ‘petals’ per ‘flower’ shape.
Step 3: Form the flower shape. Glue the edge of the petals where they touch. Clamp with a clothes peg until dry. Repeat with rest of petals.
Step4: Glue the flowers together along the edges where they touch. Clamp all glued surfaces.
To form the outer circle of my wreath I turned a plastic bucket upside town. I placed the flowers around the edge, removed the bucket then started glueing. I waited until the outside circle had dried before filling in the centre.
I spray painted my finished wreath. If you wish to paint by hand do it before you start glueing your petals together. This would be a fun way to include the children.
finished wreath
If you would like more inspiration for art activities for toilet paper rolls simply ‘google’ images toilet roll art. Just brought to my attention by Rebecca from edwardandlilly are these fun owls.


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