Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Crafter’s Way 202–Craft Magic

I’m weaving a little magic with this week’s Messenger column.
What is this?
whats this
No, it’s not a wand, it’s a Yarnz. I spotted it while aimlessly roaming the aisle of a craft store. Having just come from the doctors where I had been diagnosed with a high temperature I threw caution to the wind, ok it was probably delirium, and invested a whole $2 to give it a go.
Step 1: Insert elastic through the hole in the middle. I used 6mm elastic. Slip the end of the elastic into the notch and tie a knot.
step 1
Step 2: At the other end secure your thread/yarn around the tube with a knot.
step 2 (2)
Step 3: Hold the tube in your left hand and wind the thread around the tube with your right( reverse for left handers).
Step 4: Slide the wound thread off the tube and onto the elastic. Continue winding and sliding until you have your desired length.
The instructions on the pack tell you how to finish off a scarf. I was making bracelets/hair scrunchies so simply knotted the elastic and let it spring back into the wound thread.
This is super simple; I made 6 bracelets in 15mins. I can see these in this year’s Crafty Santa Stockings. Be sure to include plenty of threads and yarn as it is sure to be a Christmas day activity.
For $2 how could you go wrong?This is the best piece of craft magic I have seen in a long time.

PS: After heaps of queries re this product I thought I should pop back and tell you all I bought the wand at Spotlight.

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Sue Grier said...

Might need to get one of these trish.