Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Crafter’s Way 196–Craft Blog Round Up

This week’s Messenger column is a quick roundup of blogs.I chose most of these blogs with the school holidays in mind. Many have a refashion focus that might spark some creativity in your teen however there are blogs here with activities for your younger creatives as well.


Adey at is a former kids’ television channel manager turned stay home mum. A late starter to sewing she has certainly made up for lost time. An intensive 4 day sewing class from an American lady living in Singapore set Adey on a path that she has been exploring ever since. There are quite a few tutorials on this site including a super easy wrap skirt. This site has heaps of refashion tutorials including a very different take on a pillowcase bag. On the top nav bar is a link to kids craft tutorials where you will find some super fun and simple activities.

plateofseedbombs This is a fairly new blog and while they haven’t posted a lot yet it might be one to bookmark for future use. I included it here as it has a tutorial on how to make seedbombs. If you give out lots of cards at Christmas time include a seedbomb as an inexpensive extra. This is something younger children can be involved in. Lots of free knitting patterns here as well as numerous other crafts. My favourite right now is the tutorial for the Fabric Styrofoam Balls. These make colourful Christmas Decorations.

DSCF7610_thumb[1] All the tutorials on this site are exceptionally well written. I made myself the reversible sling bag in approx half an hour. If you check out only one blog from this list make sure it is this one. This is a fun, light hearted blog where the author shares her crafting journey. There are a couple of tutorials; my favourite is the Rag Letters. It comes with a printable patterns and easy to follow instructions. Older children may also like the headband.

rag letters This is a refashioning blog with a difference. The author takes up to date fashion items from the pages of magazines and shows you how you can put your own spin on it for a fraction of the cost.

Hope these ideas brighten up your school holidays.


Lynda @ Uber Savvy Buzzword said...

HI Trish,
I have been going to some of the BrisStyle info sessions lately and so in around about way ended up at your blog. We often head to the Petrie markets so next time I will say hello.

I have been reading your lessons learnt and find them very interesting. Soon I hope to open up an Etsy shop and maybe Blue Caravan. I want to use the name, Elle & Lou but this is different to the name of blog, Uber Savvy.

How important do you think it is for your URL, blog name and Store to be the same? I can change the title of my blog easy enough, but changing the URL severs all my links and followers. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Trish Goodfield said...

Hi Lynda,
A few years ago I won a session with a marketing expert. Her theory was that not only should your name be the same but the look should match as well. So that visitors didn't have to think about where they were or what experience they were about to have they just knew.

I'm no expert but I think you can point your url/servers to a new name. If not you might consider starting a completely new blog with your new name then have a link from your old blog to your new one.

Most of us fluffed around a bit before we got all this right so don't feel too much pressure to nail it first time around.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.