Monday, 29 August 2011

Garage Sale Find

I was so excited when I saw this at a Garage Sale last Friday. Mine for only $2.


Yes, it’s a knitting machine,


and it makes these.


They are double thickness no less. I can feel your excitement from here. But wait until you see what you can make.


Be still my beating heart, a halter top. Might need a few more puffs than recommended.


But these flowers will be my first project. They are so kitsch I have to have some. I can’t believe somebody threw this out. It will be a museum piece one of these days. You mark my words.


Tricia - beadbooty said...

I remember those knitting machines from when I was a kid!!! I would have given my treasured Schwinn with the sparkly purple banana seat for one. Have a blast creating with it.

Sue Grier said...

OMG I remember having one of them when I was a child. Love childhood memories. what a great find.


Nicole said...

I have two of the put away for my girls. I used mine so much as a kid it wore out!

Wish I had your book though it's fabulous!