Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Crafter’s Way 190– Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is often the first kind of embroidery that many people learn. It is simple to learn. There is a vast choice in patterns and charts for people to choose, from children’s designs to large, time consuming ones for the passionate stitcher. Cross Stitch is popular across many cultures. It can be found in Celtic designs, Maori costumes, and middle European Folk Work.
Cross Stitch is usually completed on an evenweave fabric which allows the stitches to be kept even and straight. The most readily available and popular is Aida cloth. Aida is an open weave fabric which is quite stiff. It comes if different gauges; 11count, 14 count etc. the gauge indicates the squares per linear inch. e.g 14count has 14 squares per linear inch. Most charts indicate to gauge of Aida to be used. As your confidence increases and if your eyesight allows you can do cross stitch on linen.DSC_3089 (2)
To do a full cross stitch correctly: Bring your needle up at (A) then reinsert at (B), up at (C) and down at (D), up at (E) and down at (F). Continue until you have finished the row of colour.
To complete the cross: bring the needle up at (J) and reinsert at (K), up at (L) and down at (M).
Cross stitch how to
If you are choosing to use a variegated or space dyed thread you complete each stitch completely before moving onto the next stitch.
Some cross stitch charts require you to use half cross stitch, quarter and three quarter stitches. Use of these variations can assist with shading and detail. They can be a little daunting to begin with but with a little perseverance they can be a simple as a full cross stitch.
If you have never tried cross stitch before start on a small project. Many first time cross stitchers make the mistake of starting a large project and end up not completing it. The feeling of finishing your first project should not be delayed. As your experience and patience grows then you can confidently create a large masterpiece. Everything you need to do Cross Stitch is readily available, what are you waiting for?

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