Monday, 15 August 2011

Bags of Fun

I spent Saturday morning at the sewing machine finishing off some Kumihimo headbands. Halfway through my machine decided to ‘go slow’. I was tempted to give up but and swapped over to my niece’s machine and continued on.


We’d been commissioned to make some in Aboriginal colours and they were being picked up on Sunday so I persevered on an unfamiliar machine. My niece’s machine is much newer than mine and is so very quiet.


It doesn’t rattle nor does it sound like a V8 engine.


On the upside it has a lot more decorative stitches available than mine.


I then made  two new bags. This one is a reversible sling bag from Crap I’ve Made. The inside fabric is sourced from an upholstery book I bought at a Garage Sale the outside fabric also came from a Garage Sale.

Fingers crossed that my machine is not terminally ill but in the meantime I think I will go and play a bit more on the loaner.


Fran said...

Just caught up with the sunday papers. Great photo and article

Thersa said...

Headbands are striking.