Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Crafter’s Way 189–Fabric Brooch

If you want to jazz up an outfit without spending a fortune making your own brooches is a fun and effective way to go. This brooch is simple and quick. You don’t need a sewing machine but by all means use it if you have one threaded up and ready to go.DSCF7561
You will need some lightweight fabric scraps, sewing thread, felt and a brooch back.
Step 1: Cut your fabric into strips 5 cm x 3 metres. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have quite the length. You can also sew strips together to make up the length.DSCF7556
Step 2: On one long edge sew a row of stitching approx 6 mm from the raw edge. You can delete this step if you are sure your fabric is not going to fray.
Step 3: On the other long edge sew 2 rows of gathering stitch. Don’t be tempted to only sew one row. The time you save will be lost when you start gathering. It is much easier to gather with two rows.
Step 4: Gather the fabric length up. It is much easier if you pull up the bobbin thread.
Step 5: Cut 2 circles of felt. I wish I could give you an exact measurement but the diameter will be dictated by the weight/thickness of the fabric. For the fabric I used in the image the 3 metres gathered up to 40cm and I cut 2 x 7cm diameter circles.
Step 6: Starting on the outer edge of the circle stitch the gathered fabric to the felt. Working inwards adjust the fabric so that it covers the felt circle completely.DSCF7558
Step 7: On the other circle of felt attach the brooch back before stitching the circles together. Fluff up the fabric.DSCF7562
The red brooch was made using a sheer vintage scarf; I didn’t need to sew the first row of stitching. The black/grey brooch was made using double thickness sheer curtaining. It is much bigger than the pink brooch made with the same directions. I added a row of decorative hand stitching for variety. The options are endless.

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Melinda said...

Found my way to your blog via the artice in the Sunday Mail. Great tutorials. I'll be back.