Friday, 15 July 2011

The Crafter’s Way 186 – Medicine Glass

DUNSTAN, Evelyn_Firebush

The Ranamok Glass Prize is an annual acquisitive award for glass artists who are resident in either Australia or New Zealand. The Prize, founded in 1994, is a way to promote glass as a public art form. Artisan welcomes the Ranamok Glass Prize Exhibtion to its Gallery Artisan space until the 20th August.


The internationally renowned prize is keenly observed by those wanting to spot the next big thing in contemporary glass work. This year is the first time an international judge has participated. “When an artist wins the Ranamok Glass Prize, they are immediately recognised internationally as being at the forefront of glass art”, says Oldknow. “Although the Ranamok is open only to artists from Australia and New Zealand, the stage on which finalists play is an international one.”

The Ranamok is the only glass prize that travels. Given the works range from a 200kg lovers’ seat to sculptural interpretations of dragon tattoos and an intricate, baroque bird cage this is a remarkable feat. Don’t miss this opportunity to see some of our Glass Artists most intricate and daring works. 

Artwork by Elizabeth Shaw

While you are enjoying the Ranamok Prize be sure to pop your head into Artisan’s Crucible space. Here you will find a fascinating exhibition by Brisbane jeweller Elizabeth Shaw. Inspired by Victorian medical instruments Elizabeth has crafted intricate objects from recycled materials including wood, bone, steel and silver. “In these works I draw on the aesthetic of repair and honesty in mechanics that was valued in early mechanical tools, apparatus and implements,” says Shaw.


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