Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Crafter’s Way 185 – Wood Carving

This week’s Messenger column

I recently met Radha Pedersen, a self taught wood Carver, at an exhibition. I was drawn to his work, not just because it stood alone in a room full of textile art and paintings but because his carvings have breathed new life into something so often discarded.


Radha grew up on acreage and enjoyed being surrounded by nature. Initially his work reflected his interest in nature and realistic form. More recently Radha has been focusing on portraiture, “Taking the self taught route I kept practising and learning, studying art and anatomy books etc. I really enjoy exploring the variety and uniqueness of individuals.”

Having spent years honing his craft Radha is now ready to start sharing his skills and knowledge to help others develop their skills. Radha doesn’t believe you need any previous experience in art or carving. If you have an interest and passion you can learn wood carving. “You never know unless you try, there might be a hidden talent somewhere that is waiting to be released”, believes Radha.


To facilitate this wood carving classes are kept small with a maximum of six people per class. The classes are perpetual which gives the Participant control over how far they wish to develop their skill. The classes are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere focussing on where each individual is at rather than trying to move through a project to a set time frame. Radha says, “The main purpose of my classes is to teach people how to see and construct in 3 dimensions which is the main factor of sculpture whatever the medium”.


Radha is currently holding classes at Eagleby/Beenleigh, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Currently he has a Tuesday and Wednesday evening class 6 -9. Radha is hoping to start two- day classes on Wednesdays. People can register their interest via email at

When Radha is not teaching he continues to create his highly sought after commissioned pieces. If after visiting his website: you decide that you would like to learn more about his woodcarvings you can follow on or phone (07) 354725794

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Incredible work