Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Crafter’s Way 184 - Craft Books

Library Review
The Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries have a wonderful variety of craft books to borrow. Many of these books are recent releases. These books all came from the Redcliffe Library.IMG
Cross Stitch Miniatures by Fransie Snyman (745.443SNYM)
I love Cross Stitch but sometimes can feel overwhelmed by larger projects. This book offers a multitude of Cross Stitch charts that won’t take a lifetime to complete. The first section covers the techniques, materials, threads and finishing in enough detail for the novice without boring the seasoned Cross Stitcher. Each design comes with a full colour chart and suggestions for use.IMG_0004 Relief Carving Wood Spirits by Lora S. Irish (731.541IRI)
Relief woodcarving is a type of woodcarving where all the dimensional work appears on the front side of the piece with the back being left flat. Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about? That’s about it. Lucky for you the Author has written a thorough and well planned guide to relief woodcarving. Part I covers tools, materials, skills and techniques. Part II introduces you to carving wood spirits with part III covering patterns. Even if you are not inspired by wood spirits this book will get you started relief woodcarving.IMG_0003 Rags to Riches - The Craft of Fabric Sculpture by Irene Grant (746.GRA)
This is a practical craft book with its step by step photographs and instructions. Using easily sourced materials this could be a great way to creatively use up left over fabric. I suspect this could be a very messy craft although the author’s hands seem to stay remarkably clean. I’m sure this book will only serve as a starting point to your own imagination.IMG_0002
Kids Country – Crafty Gifts to Make for Children by Susie Lacome (746.46 LAC) includes 28 projects suitable for small children. Don’t be put off by the country theme; there are some really cute projects that could easily be transferred to a different style or palette. If you are an inexperienced sewer flip to the back for comprehensive instructions for the necessary techniques. My favourite project is the rag book for littlies, plenty of scope here for your own creative inclusions.IMG_0001
Paper Flights by Jack Botermans (736.98 BOT)
We’ve all made paper airplanes at some stage. Most failed to fly very far. If you still have unresolved issues about your childhood paper planes this is therapy in a craft book. This book is pure fun, my husband and I made a heap of these, all in the name of research of course. The author is an obvious devotee however he has recognised that some readers are only interested in revisiting their childhood. For them he has included instructions for a flying saucer, various birds and insects. I think this is a perfect school holiday book.


Gwen said...

I can see you and AJ making and flying paper planes. maybe we should have a competition the next time we all get together.

Jill said...

Hey the woodcarving looks interesting. Going to follow that one up