Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Best Ever Garage Sale

Yesterday morning saw me bravely waiting in the cold for the year’s best garage sale to open. It’s held at one of the local schools and all funds raised go toward offsetting the costs for their disadvantaged students to go to camp. Before we left I did have a quiet word with Alan about the fact that we really didn’t need another television, no matter how cheap they were.DSCF7499 (2) He was very happy  anyway. He bought 2 sets of wireless thingys and the camera I took these photos with for $7. The camera is brilliant and much better quality than the one I usually use. It is the same brand so it takes the same memory card, etc.DSCF7501 (2) I picked up a heap of dress fabric.DSCF7503 A lady who was also picking through the fabric found these cute alphabet motifs. She showed them to me and said, “what a pity they are thermal lined, I can’t use these”. As soon as she had put them down I scooped them up thinking, “ I don’t what I’m going to use them for but I will come up with something”. There were multiples of every letter cut out plus with a little more digging I unearthed  a large piece of the fabric they came from. SOLD!


melanie said...

wow, very cool finds!

Mitch said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the fairies.

Sally said...

Cute Fairies