Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Crafter’s Way 181- As Fete Would Have It

This week’s Messenger column.

As the weather cools many schools start planning for their annual School Fete. The call goes out to parents to create items to sell and use as prizes. Even the most creative and crafty parent finds the extra demand on their time stressful so I have collated a list of blogs where you can find some simple, inexpensive and eye catching items. Many of these activities you will be able to enlist the kids help with.Alisa Burke copy I’ve started with Alisa Burke’s blog because her site is full of wonderful and fun crafty items. In particular check out her upcycled fibre coasters and upcycled pot holders. Both are made using recycled denim jeans and other assorted scraps.pumpkins, happy Together copy

Over at Happy Together you will find a quick tutorial on how to make fabric pumpkins. Display as a decorator item or alternatively stick a couple of dressmaker’s pins in and sell as a pin cushion. This site has other tutorials also worth checking out.

The blog, Hungry Hippie also has multiple tutorials but this one is my pick for a fete item. Basic sewing skills are needed to transform a simple coat hanger into something more eye catching.The Mother Huddle copy This is my favourite inclusion. Mother Huddle has a tutorial for a pinwheel hair clip Quick and simple to create. Price them right and they will sure to walk off the shelf.The Crafty Cupboard copy I can recommend this tutorial from personal experience. I have made myself one of these fabric business card holders following The Crafty Cupboard’s Tutorial

With schools teaching children about sustainability this tutorial should go down a treat. Elizabeth Abernathy guides you through making a recycled plastic necklace here at

With these simple projects this years craft donations should be stress free.

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Jodie said...

I love how you make such gorgeous things out of recycled....anything. SO creative :)