Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Crafter’s Way 179 – Craft Book Review

This week’s Messenger column is looking at some of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries  wonderful variety of craft books . Many of these books are recent releases. These books all came from the Redcliffe Library.

The Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking Tools & Techniques by Susan Pickering Rothamel (745.593ROTH)DSCF7364

This book is a wonderful resource not just for Scrapbookers but for Collage Artists, Card Makers, Journallers,and Photographers. In fact, if your chosen art/craft uses paper you will find something new within the pages of this book. As it is an encyclopaedia the entries are alphabetical however the description is more in depth than a traditional dictionary or encyclopaedia. Throughout the alphabetical listings you will find indepth tips, full technique descriptions and photos. My favourite part of the book was learning about the Artists, there are interviews with Paper Designers, Collage Artists, Layout Designers, Thematic Designers and many more. I learnt so much about paper arts that I didn’t know before. I can’t wait to try out some of the new techniques.

Get Spun by Symeon North (746.12NOTH)DSCF7361

This is a step by step guide to spinning art yarns. The author does encourage you to develop some basic spinning skills before embarking on creating art yarns however she has written the instructions for the complete novice. The book includes tips for spinning traditional fibers such as wool and silk, instructions for dyeing a variety of fibres, using non – traditional materials such as plastic bags. Each section is accompanied by clear photographs and step by step instructions. Get Spun is a technique book so you will not find any projects to use your new yarns in. This is not a negative. The book covers the techniques thoroughly.

The Hat Book, Creating Hats for Every Occasion by Juliet Bawden(746.92BAW)DSCF7359

Like many people I loved seeing the hats at the Royal Wedding so I grabbed this book when I spied it on the shelves. Hat making is hard and can be an expensive craft to establish yourself in. This book bypasses all of that and gets you started on making simple yet gorgeous hats from the beginning. Using the crown from old or discarded straw hats the author shows you heaps of ways to create stunning hats for any occasion. For the more confident would be Milner there is an indepth discussion on the anatomy of the hat, tools & equipment and materials. Next time you have a Hat Occasion have a go at making it yourself.

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