Friday, 15 April 2011

Spreading the Love.

It is funny how people seem to to say the nicest things we we need to hear it the most. This week I received 2 lovely emails from recent The Crafter’s Way interview subjects. P1010381 A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on Rick Howarth’s Respawned Art. He sent me this thank you email.

“Hi Trish,

Yes I did get a copy and it was awesome!Thanks heaps for that, it’s probably the best article anybody has done about my art. There was a noticeable spike in activity on my website.”P1010402 No sooner had I thought “how sweet” when an email from Cath Macauley arrived in my inbox. Cath’s article was last week’s The Crafter’s Way column. Ceramic%20Heart%20-%20Vivid%20Red “Hi Trish

Love the article for the messenger!!!

Thankyou so much.” 

Who said the art of writing Thank you Notes was dead?


Bev said...

Love those hearts.

Sue said...

Clever people in your neck of the woods.