Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Experimental Kumihimo

I’m in the throes of experimenting with some different closures/finishes for some kumhimo necklaces. While I’m in the experimenting mood I’m also playing around with some new pendant designs to accompanying them.DSCF7168 First job was to warp up some threads. These are some eco dyed threads, very fine cotton, in various shades.DSCF7172 After what seemed like an eternity but was really only about 30 mins I have finished warping 16 bobbins. Now I’m ready to braid.DSCF7173 I’ve placed the elements around the mirror. The gold ribbon, indicated by arrow, is going to be a tie closure. As I braided the ribbon was totally enclosed within the braid.DSCF7177 This is what the finished braid looks like.DSCF7180 I threaded the gold ribbon through bead caps then slid the bead caps down to cover the end of the braid. I will finish the ribbon with an sliding know so the wearer can adjust the necklace length to suit. Now I’m off to finish the pendant. I’ll post pics later.

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