Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Children's Class Update

Week 3 of the 8 week program has just finished. Our first two weeks were Kumihimo.DSCF7057 This is the first time any of the children have done kumihimo. DSCF7058 In the hour and a half they all made 2 different braid structures.DSCF7107 One of the girls, 8yrs, went home and made me this braid using eyelash yarn.DSCF7090 The second week I introduced them to adding beads to their braiding. I have adults who freak out when I suggest using beads. These kids took to it like a duck to water.DSCF7103 This week we started bead making. some of the kids found this a little trick. We all persevered until we found a tool that suited them all and before long they were rolling and gluing paper, fabric, aida cloth and ribbon.

Next week we are going to make some fabric charms and add some embellishments to their beads. Hopefully I  can snap a couple of images before they run out to show their parents.

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