Saturday, 26 March 2011

Brisbane Craft Expo

Until late last week I had no plans to go to the Brisbane Craft Expo. Anyway a business meeting with somebody about the book at the Expo changed all that and I’m glad I went.

It wasn’t very big, actually much smaller than usual but I bought more this time than I have the last couple of years. DSCF7214There was a new stand this year and they had a heaps of bits and pieces . I have a pair of shoes that are in perfectly good condition except I lost a piece of bling off them one night walking home from the pub. If I can find some shoe clips then both the gold flowers and the red will be shoe clips. If not then I will glue the gold on and use the red elsewhere.DSCF7216 I love doing Kumihimo with this metallic thread. This year the stand had packs that were a softer metallic, not the tacky, garish gold and silver they usually have. I was thrilled until the owner broke my heart. His supplier is no longer stocking these threads. Nooooooo!DSCF7213 I tried to buy one of these at last year’s show and they had sold out. I can buy them wholesale from Birch but didn’t need a box full. I probably didn't really need this one either but that is a whole different story. I’m going to take it to Brown Owls this afternoon and see how easy it is to do.

Got a bit more to do before I head out so I’m off to do a bit of dyeing.

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Billy Angel said...

Glad you had a good time at the craft show. I was not very impressed.