Thursday, 3 February 2011

This Could End in Tears

Alan decided yesterday afternoon that he wanted to take the braid he was working on off the takadai, dismantle the takadai and take it all home. Now in Japan they do this because people don’t have the room to have takadai at home. And they have a particular method of winding up the warp and transporting it home. And this is NOT it.DSCF7005 Alan wound each bobbin up and placed them into egg cartons. DSCF7007 The bobbins from the right arm were placed into one box, the left in another. So far so good.DSCF7008 Once we gt home the first job was to put the takadai back together. DSCF7009 Ta da! Now for the fun bit.DSCF7012 I walked downstairs to see Alan peering at the threads. I went back up stairs before I was roped into helping.

DSCF7017 Slowly but surely Alan got the threads back into position. Then he announced, “now we can be down here braiding together”. aaargh!

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