Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Crafter’s Way 166 – Felt Flower Hairclip Tutorial

This week’s Messenger column - Felt Flower Hair Clip


I was recently asked to do a Craft Activity for a Birthday Party. The children were all 6 & 7 years old. The instructions are written so children this age can do it by themselves however it can easily be modified to entertain older children as well.

You will need: Felt in two colours, hair clip, stranded cotton, needle, scissors, beads and sequins are optional.Step 1

Step 1: Draw two flower shapes onto the first colour of felt and one circle shape onto the second colour. Cut these out. If you think you may have difficulty cutting 2 matching flowers simply trace 1 flower shape, fold felt in half and cut 2 out at the same time.Step 2 Step 2: Thread needle with all 6 strands of stranded cotton and attach the flower centre to 1 flower shape. With this age group we used a simple yet effective cross stitch. With older children you may attach sequins and beads for a little extra difficulty and interest.Step 3 Step 3: On the back of the second flower shape mark and cut 2 slits, these need to be wide enough to slide the hair clip through.Step 4 Step 4: Place the flower shapes together right sides facing. Stitch together using the 6 strands of cotton.Step 5 Step 5: Turn to back, slide hair clip through slits. You may need to do a bit of wiggling.

I precut all the flower shapes and threaded the needles before arriving at the birthday party as a time saver.

Have fun.

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