Saturday, 18 December 2010

Kumihimo Update

This week I’ve got cracking on some new Kumihimo pieces. First job was to start warping up some Eco Dyed Threads.This always seem to be the most time consuming part.DSCF6819 Then I needed to decide on the placement of the colours. I didn’t like the first placement choice, it looked messy. This was the final choice.DSCF6822 And the finished braid. DSCF6839 I did another 2 braids using different colours but the same starting placement.DSCF6842 This next one I used very similar colour to give a less distinctive pattern.DSCF6845 I’ve now moved onto a different braid structure entirely. I’ll post pics next week.

1 comment:

marigold jam said...

Brilliant! Love the autumn colourwy.