Thursday, 23 December 2010

Kumihimo Glass Chains

Here are a few more images of kumihimo braids. These are all destined to be chains for glasses.DSCF6862 This is the only beaded one to date. At the moment I’m dyeing the threads to match the seed beads I have in my stash.DSCF6853 These 4 are all the same braid structure, using the same sequence of moves.DSCF6855 Different structure to the pic above. To make them look different I’ve changed the placement of the colours.DSCF6857 DSCF6858The pink braids are the same structure. They will form part of series but will not be glass chains. Could be a while until this one is finished.

By the time I get back from holidays these and many more should be all finished and ready for sale.

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marigold jam said...

Beautiful - such lovely colours/