Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Creative Odyssey – Parlez-vous francais?

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Over the month of December approximately 40 Bloggers will be sharing their creative hopes and dreams for 2011. To date we have had posts from:

Today it is my turn. I share the spotlight with Khristian A. Howell

Like many of the Craft Artists who have gone before me on the Creative Odyssey journey 2010 has been a particularly busy year. For us here at TrishAlan Designs we have: 
  • attended a number of large 5 Day Craft Shows,
  • facilitated countless Craft Classes,
  • continued blogging,
  • published a book, How to Teach Art & Craft
  • Began writing a second book. No hints just yet.
  • Consolidated our wholesale fabric stockists
  • Conducted weekly mentoring sessions with a number of burgeoning Craft Artists
  • Wrote an online course and a face to face course on How to Teach Art & Craft
  • Began wholesaling a range of hand dyed threads
  • Created new Eco Dyed product lines as well as new needlework designs and kumihimo supplies
  • Wrote my weekly art/craft column for magazine

And the list goes on.

Lucky for me I have a lifetime passion for art, craft and the people who create. Without this passion it would be very easy to get on an endless treadmill of having to restock the shop, fill wholesale orders, pack, write, unpack, blog, plan, teach etc etc.

The passion continues. 2011 will be  a year like no other for us. Moving into our third 5 year Business Plan will be exciting, busy and fruitful. Alan and I have always believed that our business goals need to reflect our lifestyle. Without this focus you risk sabotaging your efforts. It is with this in mind that I have decided my Creative Odyssey for 2011 will be to learn a language.

I never wanted to be that traveller who expected that no matter where they went in the world English would be spoken. But which language? Other than 5 years of high school German which resulted in me being able only to recite one phrase I had no real experience in which to base a decision on.

I decided that I was going to learn French. Not “French for travellers” but the French I can converse with the “real French”.Why? remember that bit about goals reflecting my lifestyle.This is the lifestyle I am planning; I want to be able to take an art class with a real French artist, rent a house in the Champagne District while living off the royalties from the book(lol), converse with French Canadians while watching Formula One in Canada. You get the picture.

I have done the research, the Beginners Class is held on a Monday morning. We are closed every Monday  so I’m available. Now I just have to wait until the term begins in late January before I can start my Creative Odyssey for 2011.


marigold jam said...

Oh - good luck with your French lessons. I was surprised to discover that I learned French quite quickly having gone to live in France with nothing more than school French from back in the 50's! If you can find anyone to chat with you will soon pick it up I know. I chat via Skype with a French friend every Monday morning and the first friend I made here when we moved back from France was a French lady I met and asked if she would be willing to meet occasionally for a coffee and a chat in French. We have known each other 2 years now and would be friends even if she didn't speak French!!


sarah - dodeline design said...


I took 8 years of French and 5 days in Paris made me an okay French speaker. I still think it in my head all the time because I'm scared to forget it. It's a beautiful language and good luck to you :-)

Dannielle said...

French is a wonderful language. Mine is a little rusty these days and I would love to be fluent again.

Good luck on your journey to speaking French fluently. I hope you have a wonderful 2011

AnastasiaC said...

wow Trish what great achievements SO far!! the only way is forward now - great attitude!!
all the best with your French language classes - its a beautiful language so pleasing to the ear...should be fun!!

stephey said...

I love this post! I especially love this:
"I have always believed that our business goals need to reflect our lifestyle. Without this focus you risk sabotaging your efforts." I agree - though have never thought about it's opposite as a form of sabotage but how can it not! I commend you for diving head into the french class in beginning to take steps to make those dreams come true.

I've heard myself think lately that there comes a point in time where one must stop wanting the dream and start living the dream! I've always had a passion for languages but I am not a language savant (I really want to be though!). I have a dream to live in Amsterdam for three months. I studies in Art History in school and have been fascinated w/Van Gogh since I was nine. I want to retrace his footsteps and experience for myself the landscape and live the thoughts he passionately wrote to his brother. I'd love to have an eclass at the same time while writing so I can share what I learn about the ministry of van gogh. Learning the language is a big part of this dream coming true. One that intimidates me a bit but your post has helped me realize - just do it! Thank you so much for sharing!

Tasha said...

You have had a mighty busy year this year Trish.
Have fun learning French. It's on my list of things to do (eventually). Hubs and I want to live and work in Canada one day...
And I hope you realise your goal of studying with a French artist - wouldn't it be fun!

Jess said...

Bonne Chance!

I'm trying to learn French too! (very slowly, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?)

You're an inspiration to all of us Trish - so happy to see you and Alan continuing to grow your business!

Jessa | ReArtingDotNet said...

Oh, French! I would love to learn French. There are so many resources on the internet as well. I wish you lots of luck with your creative journey next year.

*waves from the blog hop train*

Brandi said...

If your goal list for 2010 is any indication, it sounds like you'll master French in no time! Best of luck!

Angela Flicker said...

How exciting --good luck with your french lessons!

I also wanted to say that your list of accomplishments for 2010 was quite impressive; you should be very proud of yourself. I don't doubt that your five year business plan for this next stretch will be just as grand. Good luck to you. I look forward to following along and seeing how you do :)