Thursday, 9 December 2010

Craft Classes

2010 will go down as the Year of the Craft Class. I don’t know what possessed me to tally up the number of classes I have done this year but the number is simply staggering. DSCF3914 To date I have run 413 classes, that is more than 1 per day. When you take into consideration that we are closed 2 days per week and classes don’t generally start until early February that’s a lot.DSCF4343 Kumihimo Classes have been run in parks, barns, rotundas, meeting rooms and craft shows. We have taught prep, primary and high school kids, adults, seniors and people with a disability.DSCF4790 Fabric Dyeing Classes are fun, creative and messy as always.DSCF5734 That 413 doesn’t include the Demonstrations at the shop and back at the stall at Craft Shows.4655559246_3469ccd8cf Add to that my Speaking schedule and you can see why I 2010 The Year of The Craft Class.


Next year promises to be just a busy. I will be taking Kumihimo into our Prisons,  and delivering Workshops within our Schools. This is a little different. Presently the kids come to us while on School Camps. The School- based Workshops will be further linked to curriculum outcomes. (to learn more about how to do this read my book “How to Teach Art & Craft”).

I’m really looking forward to the challenges of teaching in new environments where I alone do not set the outcomes. Bring it on.


marigold jam said...

Bring it on indeed. Glad that you are spreading the crafting message so widely.

Thanks for your comments on my blog and we don't often get this sort of weather but I wouldn't swap it for somewhere warm all the time ever!! Notice that none of us is really complaining but just admiring Nature's beauty even when it is a nuisance and things don't run as normal it engenders a war time community spirit so it's not all bad!


littlechrissy said...

Trish that is amazing! Congrats on such a successful year.