Friday, 26 November 2010

On the Promo Trail

No rest for the wicked. Now that the book is published its time to start promoting it.

Thanks to the wonderful Shellie at CraftGossip we have had a Book Review.

I’ve also started to send out Press Releases. I got my first hit last week. One of the journalists from my local paper, The Redcliffe Herald, phoned and want to do a story. Photos were organised for the last minute deadline. When the ppaer was delivered there was no story. Not too disappointed at this.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the shop at was given a copy of another paper. Here was a photo and a brief introduction to the story on the front page.Trish Front page The rest of the story was on page 5.PRP page 5 Rang the original reporter who was as surprised as I was. She assured me that her story will be published in the Herald next Wednesday. That is 2 for the price of 1 Press Release.

If you haven’t had enough of this already and would like to view the digital version just click here.

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