Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Crafter’s Way 158- Craft Book Review

The Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries have a wonderful variety of craft books to borrow. This week’s books all have a Christmas focus and are suitable for children These books came from Strathpine Library. Check with your local library for opening hours and how you can borrow from other libraries. IMG_0003

The Merry Christmas Activity Book by Jane Bull (J745.59412BUL)

This book is suitable for 4-6years olds to do with adult supervision, however most of the activities are for more suitable for 7-10year olds. The projects are bright and colourful and are accompanied by very precise instructions.


The Christmas Book by Jane Bull (J745.59412BUL)

Written by the same author as the book above these projects are a little more advanced. The author provides lots of options to vary the finished look of each project for example folded paper baubles can also be made out of coloured paper plates. Most of the materials are low cost or available around the home. You will also find lots of delicious recipes for children who also like to be creative in the kitchen.


Christmas Art Ideas by Fiona Watt (J745.59412WAT)

These next two books are from Usborne’s art series. I love their books because they teach art techniques and then apply them in a variety of projects. Each project manages to build on the skills and techniques explained earlier while still making it fun. You may even find that your children are familiar with the project while experiencing the technique for the first time. If you love doing craft yourself most of the projects can be easily modified for more advanced skill levels. I think I will round up some friends’ children for an afternoon of craft fun starting with the mosaic snowflakes then the wrapping paper and then…..


Things to Make & Do for Christmas by Fiona Watt & Ray Gibson (J745.5941WAT)

Most of the Christmas projects in this book are very quick, suitable for those with a short attention span or a very busy life. You won’t spend hours fruitlessly searching for the correct materials either, most use nothing more than paper, crayon, paint and scissors.

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